The Zoo!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last Thursday we went to the Zoo with our friends the Peters! We both bought Zoo Memberships so you can expect a lot more Peters/Ronk Zoo pictures to be appearing on this blog for the rest of our time in Washington! 

The weather forecast called for rain with a possible chance of snow. We had a back-up plan of going to the Seattle Children's museum if we needed to, but God was especially kind to us and gave us dry weather! 


The Jaguar! We just found out that the day after we were at the Zoo, this jaguar became a Daddy! We are really excited to go back and see the 3 baby jaguar cubs! 

(Kenley melted down about this point in our trip... She thought all the animals wanted to eat her... Maybe because Sabor, the jaguar in Tarzan, is the bad guy?)

Our little navigators

The Grandma Gorilla. On the way to this exhibit Kenley and Claire both sang "You'll be in my heart". Obviously Tarzan is still a big presence in our household! :) 

Riding the carousel 

 Claire was NOT a fan. 


The Zoo has 4 lion cubs right now! They are so playful and cute! 

They totally look bigger in the pictures than they did in real life! 

Huggin on the Momma...

Last but not least Giraffes!!! 

We were sad to learn that the giraffe who we got to feed last summer passed away last month. One of the giraffes is pregnant with his baby right now so this summer there will be a baby giraffe! We can not wait for that! We love giraffes! 

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Emily said...

Cute. I love that song by the way :]