Sunday, March 24, 2013

On Friday morning we woke up to snow! It was definitely a surprise being that it is almost the end of March! 

I had a ton on my to do list that day and really wanted/needed to get it all accomplished. The girls didn't care about my to do list and really wanted to go play in the snow, after an attitude adjustment on my part, we played in the snow for most of the day! I'm so glad that we did since it will probably be awhile before we get to play in the snow again! 

Claire pretty much stood in the same spot and looked around while Kenley made {and threw} snow balls and helped me make the snow man. Can you see the cute little snow nose she added? 

It is always so humbling when the girls call out my sinful attitudes. I am so thankful for these sweet girls who God has placed in my life to help refine me! 

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