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Saturday, March 9, 2013

I went to a Pampered Chef party last week. I ordered a few things.... I was most excited about this french fry cutter for making sweet potato fries... but as I was posting this picture to the blog I noticed that it said not for sweet potatoes.... haha... We will see :) 

I'm also excited to get this salad chopper. I hate big pieces of lettuce in salads it makes the salad so awkward to eat!

I have no words.... 

Play-doh is the best. It keeps her entertained for SO LONG! Bonus... she makes cute little play-doh faces! 

This girl has entered into the "cheesy camera grin face" era...

She is also mastering the "lemon pucker camera face"... 

My parents hosted a little western themed BBQ the other night and I intended to dress the girls in flannel shirts and cowboy boots to match the theme. Instead CLo ended up in her "Kala" dress with a flannel over it and pink boots... Very 1990's in Seattle punk rocker girl. 

 Add a bandanna and you now have the most random outfit ever. 

 It's hard to see, but both girls are swinging from the bar together. We LOVE gymnastics! I am so glad that we enrolled them! I hope to bring my big camera this week and get some good shots of the girls in action! 

9th grade and 12th grade... Wow, we look so young... 

 I decorated Brian's lunch bag yesterday with the lyrics to Rebecca Black's Friday. My intent was to 1. Make him laugh 2. Get that song stuck in his head for the entire day. 

He said it definitely made him laugh but the song was only stuck in his head for part of the day :) I'll call it a success! 

Happy Weekend! 


Amy said...

I adore Caire in pigtails!! And what were you doing up at 2 in the morning?!? :)

Anonymous said...

I want to know if the potato cutter works with sweet potatoes, too. We have had them 3 times in the last week, and they are hard to cut!