New Materials with Kenley

Monday, March 18, 2013

As far as crafts with Kenley go, lately we haven't been doing anything groundbreaking. It has been a lot of crayons, watercolors, scissors, and markers over here. 

Last week we played with two new-to-us materials and Kenley really enjoyed the new tactile experiences!! 

The first new-to-us material: Biodegradable Packing Peanuts!

The "peanuts" are corn based and are designed to dissolve in water. The great thing is when they get wet they stick to each other! I got a sponge wet and placed it in a silicone muffin cup and then gave Kenley a bowl of peanuts. She would dip the end of a peanut onto the sponge and then connect it to another peanut! We had a lot of fun trying to make new shapes in addition to making quite a few long "snakes"!

The next new to us material: Water Beads

We found our clear water beads at the Dollar Tree by the vases. I have no idea what these little things are made of but they sure are neat! Because our beads were clear they were completely invisible in the bowl of water. Kenley would reach her hand into the water and then pull the beads out.  I also gave her some measuring cups and another bowl to transfer the beads from bowl to bowl. She loved playing with these! 

 This bowl is full of water beads! 

The packing peanuts were free because they came in a package that was mailed to my mother and the water beads cost only $1! Doing fun activities with kids can be so cheap! I plan to do a post soon with all of my must-haves from the Dollar Tree for crafts and projects with kids! 

*If you are in the area and want some packing peanuts for your kiddos (or yourself) to play with let me know! We have a gigantic box full of them and there is no way we can use them up before the presence of the gigantic box drives me crazy!*


KMom said...

Will those glass beads be good for putting in pumpkins next Halloween?
Like we did in the lanterns?
Love the pics!

Keri Ronk said...

They aren't made of glass, they are squishy and absorb water. They are also bouncy and slippery! They are really fun and different!