December 2014

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We just got home from a trip to Disney World! But before I can blog about that I feel like I should catch up the old blog from December! 

Once again we did our activity advent calendar tradition. In addition to the fun things I had planned for the girls, like decorating the tree in their room, my mom sent them Lego advent calendars! 

Claire's birthday countdown chain! 

Picking out our tree! 

This was my favorite Christmas movie when I was a little girl. Last year after Christmas I found it on DVD at the thrift store so I had to pick it up! 

One of our advent surprises was going to see the Nutcracker! 

Grammy and Auntie Kimbe came to visit! 

We went to see Santa.

Claire turned 4! 

On the 21st we had a stray cat come into our house. He is the sweetest kitty! We tried to find his owners but we never did so we decided to keep him! He really is the sweetest, he lets both girls carry him around the house and he is super snuggly! We let Kenley name him :) 

Introducing.. Timillian 

Opening presents with Grammy and Kimbe before they left...

Then they had to fly back to Washington... 

 Christmas Eve Eve camp out under the Christmas tree...

Christmas Morning... 

We had a nice relaxing Christmas watching movies, building legos, playing, and laying around as a family! It was great! 

The day after Christmas Grandma and Grandpa Ronk came! 

Kenley loves Lindsey Stirling which lead to Kenley asking for a violin for Christmas. It was seriously the only thing she asked for. Auntie Teirsa and Uncle Bobby sent Conner's old violin with Grandma and Grandpa for Kenley! 

Brian turned 28! We celebrated with breakfast at Bakers Kitchen and then his parents watched the girls so that we could go on a date night! 

We headed down to Myrtle Beach with Grandma and Grandpa and had a great time! We played lots of games, relaxed, shopped, and swam in the pool! 

We spent New Years Eve at Medieval Times! 

The girls LOVED it! 

We were team green knight... 
Later in the week we heard Claire yelling out 'green' in her sleep! haha! 

Once we got back to the condo we spent the rest of 2014 playing games and watching the ball drop on TV. It was a great ending to 2014! 


Amy said...

Yay! A post! Such sweet girls. Glad you all had a great December!

Jules said...

You are making such wonderful memories with your family. What fun it will be to look back at your blog and have these treasures kept here.

We were a Nutcracker family when our daughter was young so that is special. I love the idea of the birthday countdown rings. Smart! I would like that for my own birthday.