Florida 2015 - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I don't have many pictures from our first day at Magic Kingdom because it was pouring down rain so the only pictures I have are the character and ride ones. We decided to purchase the Memory Maker package from Disney which is pricey but you get every picture that is taken of you! It was totally worth it for our first trip and I am still so glad that we did it! 

Even though it was pouring rain all day and we were soaked to the bone it was actually a great day to be at Magic Kingdom because there were basically no lines!! It was great we could practically just walk on to most rides! 

The girls first view of the castle! 

The first character we met was Pluto! 

Tinker Belle was the sweetest! I usually don't put the girls names on shirts for them because I worry that a stranger could call their name and they would come... but having their names on their shirts at Disney was amazing! I wish I would have put their names on all of the shirts that I made! The girls really thought that Tinker Belle knew their names when she said "Nice to see you Kenley! Hello Claire"! Priceless! 

Brian kind of looks like a giant :) 

Next we saw Chip & Dale! 

We brought a white photo mat and a bunch of Sharpies to have the characters sign for us! 

Then we walked past Splash Mountain and saw that it was only a 5 minute wait so we had to go!! So... Splash Mountain was the first ride we went on! Kenley loved it! Claire not so much... even though we probably rode it 5 more times throughout the trip :)

We actually waiting in line the longest that day to meet Ariel.. 

We ate lunch at the super yummy Be Our Guest restaurant! It was actually a lot more affordable than we were expecting and the food was super yummy! 

After lunch we met Cinderella... 

Kenley was so shy with the characters... 

Meeting Rapunzel...

Claire was not shy at all! She chatted up a storm with each character! 

The Buzz Lightyear ride... 

 (all the ones with the girls and Brian the girls faces are blocked by their guns)

The most hilarious thing happened while we were in line for this ride! Claire was a little nervous to go on rides since we started her out on such a big one. So I told the girls that this wasn't a ride with drops but that where we would use guns to shoot bad guys... Then Claire said SUPER loud... "Daddy did you bring your gun?" hahahaha! Then we had a conversation about it not being that kind of gun. haha! 

We rode almost all of Magic Kingdoms rides and then called it a day a little early since we were all soaked and cold! Even though it was rainy it was still a magical day :) 


kim said...

so fun!!! I can't wait to take our kiddos! I love the girls pink shirts! So cute (as always). Roo kept saying through the whole post "Mama pretty dress!" "Mama look at THAT pretty dress!!" hahahah I think shes a girl :)

Amy said...

Those are great! I agree, can't wait to take our kiddos! Splash Mountain pic is my favorite. Poor Claire! Haha!!