Florida 2015 - Day 3 - Legoland

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I was very excited for us to visit Legoland! I might have even been a bit more excited about planning to go to Legoland than I was planning to go to Disney. (Have you tried to plan your first trip to Disney? Hello... Overwhelming!!!) . I really enjoy building Legos with my girls! So much so that Claire's birthday theme was Lego! Also, all 4 of us love the Lego movie, we watch it all the time and have yet to get sick of it! 

Legoland Florida has this great thing called Homeschool Mondays! Kids tickets are only $10 each and adult tickets are $25 each. That is an amazing deal and I am so thankful that we got to take advantage of that! 

Legoland also has this fun thing called Minifigure trading. Most of the employees around the park have minifigs on their name tags and they will trade with you! In preparation for that we made some necklaces for the girls to wear that would hold their minifigs! I let the girls pick out their favorite color 2x6 plate piece and then Brian drilled a hole in them, we attached jump rings, and then threaded them with some rainbow colored elastic cord. I chose the 2x6 size so that they could have 2 minifigs to trade with in case they fell in love with one right away I wanted them to have options. :) 

I made the girls Wyldstyle inspired shirts with my Silhouette machine! 

Our first ride was the carousel! We loved that the carousel was Lego horses! So cute! 

Then it was off to driving school! One of the great things about Legoland is that a lot of the rides are designed for kids to ride by themselves! Both girls loved that they were in control! I feel like it is so good for them to be able to experience things on their own and I really loved that aspect of Legoland! 

We got to meet Wyldstyle!! 

I used some scraps to make a Lego shirt for myself as well :). I couldn't be left out! 


All of the Lego statues around the park are so cool! Claire thought this was Belle :) 


Legoland has kept part of the botanical gardens from when the park was Cypress Gardens. Midday we took a little walk out there to check out the Banyan Tree! The HUGE Banyan tree behind us was planted as a seedling in 1939. The massive size was breathtaking in person! 

Legoland's hours on the day that we went were 10-5 so by the end of the day we were rushing to squeeze everything in! 

Since Mommy likes Lego it was pretty easy for the girls to convince me to pick up some Legos to bring home with us!  
Sweet Claire was really excited to see the bathrooms because she thought the toilets would be made out of Lego! haha!  

Here are the Minifigs that Kenley ended up with! 

Our only complaint about Legoland was that the employees were not efficient about loading and unloading the rides. It was very time consuming to wait for an employee to lock your seatbelt before the ride, then come check it, then after the ride come to unlock your seat belt... even on smaller rides. The carousel was especially time consuming. I'm all for safety but this was a bit much. I think that if they had at least 2 employees per ride this would be alleviated a ton! That way 1 person could control the ride while the other person did all the seat belt checks and that kind of stuff! 

Also we would have LOVED more time!! 5pm came MUCH too quickly!! 

Some things we LOVED at Legoland:
  • The Legends of Chima water ride! It SOAKED us! It was a hot day so that was really welcome!
  • Kenley loved all of the rides even though she is our thrill ride seeker! Claire was too short for 2 rides so Kenley got to ride the big ones twice in a row. She loved that! Their child swap system was better than at Disney! 
  • Claire is our hesitant ride rider but she liked the dragon roller coaster! She was even telling me about it today! There was no one in line behind us so we got to ride it twice in a row!! 
  • The kids could ride lots of rides by themselves! 
  • The wait lines had kid waiting areas with Duplo tables for the kids to build with while their parents waited in line.... GENIUS! 
  • Lots of Legos for sale! There is a whole store dedicated to clearance Lego and one to pick-a-brick! 
  • Minifigure trading! You probably aren't going to come away with the minifigure of your dreams but this was a super fun aspect for the girls! (Even if the minifigs aren't what I would have chosen) Claire brought home a Lego with a cowboy hat, bomber jacket, and a peg leg and she couldn't be happier with it! 
  • Claire also loved the Beetle Bounce :) She actually enjoyed all of the rides! Legoland really is the perfect park to take small children to! 
I can't wait to start planning a trip to Legoland California!! 

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