Weekend Recap

Monday, June 8, 2009

(I apologize in advance for all the smiley faces, I didn't even notice how many there were until I spell checked)

This weekend honestly went by in a blur. We have the house almost put back together! The main things are in place and now we are jut going through the small stuff and picking out things to garage sale.

Saturday we went to breakfast w/ the Payne's @ Baker's Square. It was delicious of course. Then we stopped by The Accidental Artist to get hooks put on the back of Kenley's wall monogram. Once home we put them up on the wall! They look fantastic. They are seriously one of my favorite parts of the nursery. Speaking of the nursery it is almost finished! I will wait to post pictures until it is really finished so that I can do a big reveal :). Saturday was also the Mals-14 Family Day picnic. We went for a little while but it is such a big unit that we barely knew anyone so we just hung out with some friends from Brian's shop. We didn't win anything from the raffle. I was bummed, I had my heart set on the flat screen. :)

Sunday we went over to Mike and Joan's house and we got to see their daughter and meet their new granddaughter. She was adorable and she had so much hair! She was so petite too, Kenley will probably be her size when she is born. :) It was fun getting to visit with them! I miss them!

Sunday night after church we went to Mike and Rosa's. We played Mafia again, it is super fun now that everyone gets how to play and how to lie :). I never get to be the Mafia though, I always get stuck as a townsperson and get killed right away. Its okay though because Brian always gets killed right away too. For dessert I made The Pioneer Woman's Pita Chip Crunch. It was a big hit. I used milk chocolate chips and then drizzled with white chocolate. I also made Snicker's Salad. The recipe my mom makes doesn't include the butterscotch pudding. Brian said it would have been better w/o the pudding mix but everyone else loved it.

Brian is submitting his MECEP package soon. Please pray for us about this! Pray for us that if he gets chosen that we will be able to sell our house and that the move would go smoothly. And also please pray for us that we would be content here if God does not allow Brian to be chosen for it.

Tonight we are headed to the hospital for the Maternity Open House tour. I am excited. Brian not so much. Its so crazy that we have less than 8 weeks left to go!


Maryn said...

I am excited about all the wonderful things going on right now with ya'll.

I can't believe it is 8 weeks either.

Yeah for MECEP package! Maybe the Lord will make you West-Coasters again and this time you will be moving near us, not away.

Anonymous said...

I've made something that's almost exactly the same as the pita chip crunch recipe but I used saltine crackers instead. I bet the pita chips would be a lot better though!
I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to meet her!

Bekah said...

Cannot wait to see the nursery pictures!! Hurry up and take them!