Doctors Appointment 10-15-10

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday I had my first prenatal appointment here in Washington. I went going into the appointment thinking that I would eventually switch doctors to somewhere where I could do a VBAC since I was told that this practice did not allow VBAC's. I am so glad that I still went to see this doctor though! He brought up that I could do a VBAC with him! So that is a HUGE Praise for us! We both really liked this Doctor and are both so thankful that the VBAC thing seems to have worked itself out! We still would love your prayers for the safety of Claire and I as we go through the whole labor process!
At the appointment we let Kenley get on the scale and it said that she weighed 17 lbs 6 oz! Granted that is with lots of clothes and a full diaper but I think its safe to say that now at 14 1/2 months she has finally doubled her birth weight!! Way to go Kenley girl!!

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Sandy said...

Hey, congrats to Kenly on her weight gain and to you for finding a good doc!
(And to me for figuring out what a VBAC is without asking anyone!)

Oh, and your Polo buttons are so cute, I saw them in Google Reader, but not on the blog. Hmmm..Blogger strikes again?!