Pregnancy Brain is a Real Condition

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

... and it has taken its full affect on me lately!

So the day before yesterday we were visiting John+Amy+Baby Nate at the hospital and when it came time to go I could not find my keys. I was looking everywhere, under every seat cushion, Amy's overnight bag, Brian's school bag, I made John check his pockets, I was about to call Tonia and see if she grabbed them by accident on her way out.. I could not find them at all and I swore that I had put them on top of my wallet...

So then I start trying to retrace where I put them.... Okay I had my wallet, phone, valet slip, and keys...... Wait a minute... Wait a minute... Valet slip.... hmmm

OH DUH! Haha I had parked Valet!

Dear Brain Cells,
Please return. I miss you.
Sincerely, Keri Ronk

1 comment:

Emma said...

At first, i read "pregnancy Brian" and wondered if he was gaining sympathy weight or something. Haha, is that pregnancy brain for me too then?