25 Weeks with Baby #2 10-8-10

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This past 25 weeks has gone by so much faster this go around than with Kenley. I was looking at my blog post from when I was 25 weeks with Kenley and I cant tell if I am bigger now or then. I am at the point now where I feel big. She really likes to kick all of the time and I can now watch my belly move all around so that is really fun. I haven't been sleeping well lately and have had quite a bit of back pain, I am trying my best to not pick up Kenley as much anymore but it is so hard! Other than that everything is going great! I have a doctors appointment this Thursday with a doctor who I don't really want to go to since they refuse to do VBAC's but its been 10 weeks since my last appointment so I need to go do blood work and make sure that everything is on track. Hopefully after this appointment I can get back on track with finding a doctor here who will do the VBAC!

I am starting to waffle with the name Claire... I love it I just don't love it with any middle names :( Any ideas for cute middle names that go with Claire? Your help is much appreciated because if I don't think of something soon her fathers choice might win out.. his middle name choice is Annette... Say it out loud together... Claire Annette... Yeah that's why I need your help!!

We totally almost forgot to take this picture! We were already in bed and half asleep when I remembered that it was Friday so I jumped up and dragged Brian out of bed to take my picture! He was thrilled.. haha
(I have still been taking weekly pictures this pregnancy too I just feel weirder about doing a weekly post about it this time around, I don't really know why!)

{Painting that door jam is totally on my to do list for this week :) }


Bekah said...

being the nerd that I am.....I googled middle names for Claire...here were the top choices. My favorite was Claire Annalise followed by Claire Elisabeth


Susan Navas said...

Don't tell Brian because I don't want to give him any ideas, but my friend's daughter's name is Amanda Lynn. Claire Annette could go right along with that, eh? I'll think about middle names.

Terri said...

I like Clair Annalise! Pretty, poetic, feminine (especially to go with Ronk) and memorable. Great suggestions, Bekah!

Jenny said...

I like both Claire Annalise and Claire Elizabeth too. I also thought of Claire Noelle.

Amy said...

Claire Amy. Definitely Claire Amy! ;-)

Steph said...


I think it would be really sweet if both Kenley and Claire have the same middle initial ... their names will both have that soft K sound, and ... that J would be sweet, too. So, I did some thinking:

Claire Jane
Claire Joelle (like Joel, from the Bible)/Joella
Claire Josephine
Claire Julianne/Juliet

What do you think? I like Claire Joelle the best...