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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last night my Mom's side of the family got together for a birthday gathering for my Grandpa (& sort of my sister... its a long weird story) We went to Stanfords in Northgate and let me tell you they get a big fat fail! I realize that we had a larger group but come on, our {expensive} food came out cold, our drinks were never filled, and our waitress was obviously not happy to be there. I would not recommend it and we will not be going back. Next family get together I have decided that we should have it at my Mom's and I will do the cooking!

We only took elevently billion pictures in this pose :)
Kenley LOVES Auntie Kimbe! She was so excited when she saw her!
This is a really unflattering picture of me (it had been a long night) but I am posting it since Kimbe looks so cute.. I think its time for me to break out the tan-in-a-can :) and maybe get some more sleep too... haha


Steph said...

Keri, you look beautiful! Don't be silly!

And, you could cook for me any time!

Terri said...

Hey! I know all of those people! Sweet, sweet family! And Keri, you are beautiful, just like your sister is beautiful!