Polo Craft #3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My little model was being a little less than cooperative for me to take pictures of her sporting the third Polo craft. In most of the pictures I attempted she was running away from the camera...
or making a silly face and turning her head so that I cant quite get a picture...
But, drawers are a pretty cool distraction for a toddler so I was able to get one side profile shot where I wasn't pinning her down to get a picture of the bow in her hair :)
Polo craft number three is hair bows! The navy and white bow was actually the first polo project that I attempted and the project that set all of the other Polo projects in motion. Just like the last Polo craft I used the cover button kit and instead of gluing on a magnet I glued on a hair bow with clip.

{I have fallen in love with cover button kits and I have another project for Kenley's bedroom in the works! Don't worry, its not Polo :) There is only one more Polo craft post after this one!}
After the first bow, Kenley then needed a purple bow so that she could show her Husky pride for Daddy and her Polo pride for Mommy all at the same time :)


Elizabeth said...

Where did you get your button cover kit?


Keri Ronk said...

JoAnn Fabrics, The one in Marysville is all sold out now but the new store in Smokey Point opens up November 5th!