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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

10. I could eat at Taco Bell every.single.day. I love it! I am currently in love with their new XXL Chalupa (no meat sub beans) ... Yes it is completely horrible for you and I have purposefully avoided looking at the calorie count on it but it is so yummy!

9. I HATE brushing my hair. It has got to be the most annoying part of my day... so most days I avoid doing it.

8. We have a piano sitting on our front porch. I want to paint it a fun color and make room for it inside but I cant decide on a color... Suggestions??

7. In High School, I wanted to be a News Anchor when I grew up.

6. My first job was at an Espresso Stand that has since turned into a Bikini Barista stand. Sad. I do not like that I have to tell people that that was where my first job was and then to have to reassure them that it was NOT a bikini barista place at the time!

5. I dont like most herbs. I claim to be allergic to basil because it makes my throat feel funny :)

4. My favorite flower is Hydrangeas. They are beautiful I want to plant tons of them so that I can have huge hydrangea bouquets in my house all the time. For our wedding I paid $25 dollars per hydrangea for deep purple ones to be flown in from Africa just for my bouquet... day of the wedding my flowers were obviously white flowers that had been sprayed purple by the florist.... Can you say sucker?

3. All growing up I wanted to be a Mom to three little boys. Now that motherhood is here I am SO glad that I have such a sweet little girl and another one on the way! I wouldnt have it any different.

2. I never ate meat until I was 18. And even then it was only because Brian asked me to and he was leaving for boot camp the next day. Even though I have now been an omnivore for almost 5 years, touching raw chicken totally grosses me out.

1. When Brian was at boot camp some days I wrote him 3 letters a day. I am lucky that he decided to marry me instead of getting a restraining order :)

Haha well that is ten totally random facts about me! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me just a bit better than you ever wanted too!

Care to share one random fact about yourself?


Christy said...

I once won a free cruise by playing Bingo.

Bekah said...

I wash my hair once every 7-10 days, that way it doesn't get too dried out

Ashley said...

hahahah I love these fun facts about you! Especially the Taco Bell one because I completely feel the same way, and I really wouldn't mind if they decided to put a Taco Time in san diego! And the hair one because I don't brush my hair either! It's seriously the worst and I feel like it's such a waste of time.

Emma said...

I can't stand the sound of nail clippers. It grosses me out!