Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is possible that I am the only person in history to accidentally buy an entire bale of hay... I seriously thought I was just getting a small bag!

I guess we will be set for a while now!

In other news I had a follow-up doctors appointment regarding my small intestines. I am being referred to a GI specialist so hopefully the specialist will be able to help me out!

I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!


Susan Navas said...

What's your plan for the bag, um, bale,of hay?

Keri Ronk said...

The chicken's needed cushier nests :)

Goodfellows said...

Glad you are going to see specialist! AND, that picture of Kenley to the right w/ the roses is GORGEOUS!! Love that little sweetie!

Steph said...

Yeah, but the going rate for a bale of hay is like $3.25 or something, right? You're golden! I bet that Miss Kenley will like to play in it some! You're lucky you didn't ask for a round bale -- you'd need a flatbed to get that home!

Yay for GI specialists! I saw one two years ago for my dysphagia and it was one of the best decisions I ever made (and it happened to be a preventative-life-saving sort of thing). You might not have answers right away, but at least you're getting closer to the root of the problem. :)

bean said...

i love that you have a reason to use "small intestines" in a post. well, i don't love the actual reason, but still. i can't really get away with that.

but for real, keep us updated!