Halloween 2015

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For Halloween this year, Claire decided that she wanted to be a pumpkin and Kenley decided that she wanted to be a unicorn. I searched Target and Amazon in hopes of NOT having to make costumes but had no luck finding wholesome simple costumes. In the end I am really glad that I did make their costumes because I think they turned out super cute! 

Our Halloween fun started off with costume day at CC...

For Claire's costume I loosely followed this tutorial. I cut glitter heat transfer with my Silhouette machine for the leaves and face. Her giant bow is from Hobby Lobby. For Kenley's costume I loosely followed this tutorial. I free hand knit the unicorn horn. 

In years past we have always gone to friends neighborhoods to trick or treat so this was our first year trick or treating in our own neighborhood. I really hoped that it would be a great opportunity to meet our new neighbors but it didn't really turn out that way. We made a loop around our neighborhood and the girls had lots of fun ringing doorbells...

They had the most fun when we came home and they got to pass out candy! We passed out candy and pencils in case any kids had allergies. You would not believe how well the pencils went over! In the beginning we didn't know how many kids would come so we let kids pick a candy or a pencil and most of them picked pencils! 

As the girls were passing out candy, Daddy would lean his head over (in the horse mask) and peek out our doorway at our trick or treaters. Their reactions were hilarious...

Before bed we let the girls sort their candy. They each got to pick 5 pieces of candy to keep and then the rest they put into a box for the Sugar Fairy. The week before Halloween I began telling the girls simple stories about the Sugar Fairy who needs candy to build her house. If you help her by leaving out your candy out for her she will come collect it and leave a present in its place! The girls were thrilled with this idea and I was thrilled that they would happily forgo their candy consumption! 

Kenley was so sweet. She chose the smallest pieces to keep for herself so that the Sugar Fairy would have bigger pieces to build her house! I love her giving heart! 

The Sugar Fairy brought the girls rainbow silk play skirts (just like the Sugar Fairy wears), a Jenga style game from IKEA, watercolors, and new panties... because when they found out that the Sugar Fairy gives presents they really hoped she would bring them new panties with princesses and horses on them. How could I refuse that offer? Haha!! Its the little things in life :) 

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