Knotts Berry Farm - December 18th 2015

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Dad came into town mid December and took us all to Knott's Berry Farm! I am so bummed that I didn't take a group picture! I actually didn't take very many pictures at all because my dad bought Brian and I both FastLane passes so I was off riding the crazy roller coasters with Brian while my parents and the girls did everything else! 

This ride was so fun! It took a bit of effort to get these videos and I am so glad that we got them! Such fun memories of the girls with my parents!

If you can, I HIGHLY recommend going to a theme park with your parents! It was basically like a fun date day with Brian while my parents rode the little stuff with the girls! 

But.... lets be honest here for a minute... I am getting too old for roller coasters! I used to love them but since having kids I have turned into such a chicken! However that doesn't mean that Brian lets me skip them! I still had to ride all the crazy rides with him even though I felt anxious and like I had to pee while we waited in line :).

It was such a fun day! Thanks Dad!! 

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