Our Christmas Morning and Brian's Birthday - December 27th 2015

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The day after we went to Knott's Berry Farm, Brian came down with the flu. I have NEVER seen him so sick! Shortly after Claire got sick, then Kenley, and then I finally got it too. It was the worst sickness to ever hit the Ronk house! Christmas Eve I knew that we were all too sick to "do Christmas" so we decided to postpone a few days and ended up celebrating Christmas on Brian's 29th birthday. We were all still sick but felt like we couldn't postpone any longer. Especially since our poor tree was totally dead and falling apart! 

Everything all set out on our Christmas Eve... (The guitar and violin weren't presents)

Some of the stuff that the girls found under the tree...

An Herb Fairies Book Club Membership. This doesn't start until March and it is going to be a great supplement to our Homeschool! 

Playsilks that I scored at an awesome yard sale, the Waldorf Heavy babies I made, baby beds (One of them was made by my great grandpa for my mom!), baby pillows, baby mattresses, and knit blankies...

Their planners came with these totes! Made for perfect wrapping! They also received a Lego friends set and knitting dolls from us and then lots of stuff from Gramma & Grandpa and Grammy & Gramps!

Even though our Christmas was pretty rough, the only thing I really wanted was for the girls to love the baby dolls that I made for them and they do! 

Thanks for the toaster set Auntie Amy! 

We took the bungee cord off the tree for these pictures! haha...

Thanks Justin and Ella! The girls LOVE their bath stuff! 

Gramma and Grandpa arrived the day before so they were able to celebrate Christmas morning with us! Kenley made this melting bead creation for Gramma...

The girls LOVED their Lilly planners and immediately began checking off all the days that had already past! This is totally going to be a tradition! 

Stockings may be my favorite Christmas thing to shop for! I packed lots of little tiny things into the girls stockings (felt ball craft kit, wooden mermaid doll, toothbrushes, some other little trinkets and a stuffed dog that looks like Moxie for Kenley, and a stuffed deer for CLO). I filled my stocking with the free goodies I got with the girls Lilly planners and I filled Brian's stocking with beef jerky and circus peanuts. I saw an idea on the Dating Divas website to make shopping for each others stockings into a date and I think we will do that next year! 

Kenley and Brian were feeling a little bit better at this point so they went to Church with Fred and Terri while Claire and I stayed home and napped...

Sweet Christmas...

Happy 29th Birthday Brian!! 

We finished the night with a game of Castles of Burgundy! The Gjertsens gifted us with this game when we moved from NC and we are obsessed with it! Brian and I play after the girls go to bed all the time now! 

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