14 weeks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am 14 weeks today! I feel like I am actually starting to look pregnant now. Most people who I see out in town probably cant tell though because we have been having a cold snap so I have been in like 50 layers.

Do you see that huge tv behind me? We totally scored and got that for $250 dollars last night! Its a crazy good deal since the guy paid like $2500 dollars for it less than two years ago! We aren't sure if our free cable will disappear when that whole DTV thing kicks in so it might just be for movies but I dont care because it was such an awesome deal!

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Joy said...

OH MY WORD! $250?? Seriously?! Where'd you score that? Way to go, Keri. :) P.S. LOVED the picture of you feeding the apple to Sadie. I lol'd. I see you are big into dehydrating fruits now. That's awesome. Veggies and fruits in the commissary are soooo expensive here. :( But I have heard to buy in the farmer's market off base, so hopefully I can check that out soon.