Dehydrator Tips Part 1- Apples

Friday, February 6, 2009

I thought I would pass on a few dehydrator tips and tricks for those who would like to dehydrate some fruit! Apples are really good dehydrated. I used red delicious apples the past few times but I think next time I am going to try granny smith or something with a little more tartness.

Step One: Cut apple in half

Step Two: Turn cut side to cutting board and slice apple like shown

Step Three: Feed the mis-shapen tops and bottoms to your apple loving dog

Step Four: Stand apple rightside up keeping slices together

Step Five: Take a melon baller and scoup out the seeds. I just put it at the top and press straight down

Step Six & Seven: Put your apple slices in a bowl of cold water mixed with lemon juice to prevent browning. Arrange on your dehydrator tray.

****Note**** If you do feed apple to your dog make sure that they do not get the middles or the seeds. The seeds can contain cyanide which is toxic to dogs. It is toxic to humans too but you probably already know better than to eat the seeds... right?

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