Ultrasound Pictures!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We went to get an ultrasound today! It was such a blessing to be able to see our baby! One of the most awesome things was when we were in the waiting room, one of the nurses called the other nurses back there so that they could all pray together before the day and before all of the ultrasounds. It was so encouraging and really made us feel at ease. God is so good!

Here is the baby's face
This one is our favorite!
This is the baby's butt and legs. It looks almost like he or she is sitting on a glass table and we are looking up. He or She would not open up his or her little legs for us so we still dont know if its a boy or girl.

This is the face again and you can see the elbows and then its hand and arm up by its face.

So yeah this was an awesome experience! We cant wait until our next one on March 20th!


Joy said...

Keri! This is awesome :) Happy for you guys. Can't wait to see ya when I come home!

Maryn said...

So excited for you both!

Anonymous said...

I thought "baby" looked a lot like my side of the family.....oh dear!
Love you! Mom

sar said...

i love the profile picture. sooo cute!! i'm excited for you guys!