Updating the blog.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updated 2/19 to say that I lightened the blue of the font color. Is it easier to read now?

What do you think about the colors? I wanted to switch it up a bit because the white was totally my style but I realize that its also a little bit on the boring side. :)

Also I added a [From My Kitchen] section to the sidebar so now you have easy access to all of the recipes that I have posted on here! Enjoy! And try some of the out for yourself! I highly recommend that you try the jalapeno popper spread, the croutons, the flax seed crackers, and the microwave caramels!


Laurie said...

I like your colors but it was harder to read.

I just went to a site called www.thecutestblogontheblock.com and found a really fun look. If your interested. You can get to it from my blog if the link doesn't work.

Unknown said...

I LOVE THE GERY! :) After all, grey is the best color! :)

In response to Laurie's comment about it being hard to read... Maybe Keri, you could try switching the color of your heading and the text. Make your post headings Blue and your blog post text White... I think that might help! :) But I do LOVE THE COLORS! Very fun!!!!

Laurie said...

Much better! :-) Love reading your blog and all the variety! Especially keeping up with your pregnacy!