15 weeks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was fifteen weeks yesterday! I guess I'm a getting bigger because Brian is constantly saying it, and Wednesday Maryn told me she thinks I am having twins, and when I was watching Caidence and Danielle today Caidence was choosing stuffed animals to be members of her family. She decided I was the cow. :) Its okay though because she made Melissa (her mom) be the hippo.

We watched 7 pounds last night too. We should have taken the pictures before we watched the movie because I am an ugly crier and my face was all red and puffy for this picture, even after I put a cool wash cloth on it! I was sobbing though even after the movie ended it took me a while to calm down. Its a good movie but its definitely a cry movie. Will Smith is a really believable actor.

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Anonymous said...

Aww! It's my little niecphew! According to my research, baby is between the size of a lemon (14 wks) and a red delicious apple (15 wks)! Just in case you wanted your child compared to produce =). You look great sister!!