How to make an amazing Tuna Melt

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I dont make this sandwich very often but it really is the best tuna melt ever!

You need:
2 slices of bread
1 packet tuna
1 slice american cheese
Some mayo
Some pickles w/juice
Some french fried onions
& butter

Mix the tuna with the mayo. Add as much mayo as you like. Then throw in a little splash of the pickle juice because that is the secret ingredient. Then place the tuna mixture on one side of your bread. Top with some french fried onions, not to much just a sparse layer. Top that with the cheese and then top with other slice of bread. Now throw that butter on your preheated griddle and place your sandwich cheese side down so it gets nice and melted. Flip when that side is golden brown. After the flip I like to press down on it a bit with my spatula just to make sure the cheese and the tuna melt together.

There you have it the best tuna melt ever! Serve with some pickles and wash it down with a glass of 7up and pineapple juice (my new favorite drink)


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