We leave today for the Ski Trip!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am really excited! It does make me miss Grace Snow Retreats very much. But to keep up with the traditions of snow retreat I made sure to go to the store to get the snow trip essentials. :) Mo will understand this picture :)

In other news... Brian got into a car accident this morning on his way to work. Thankfully no one got hurt. Praise the Lord for Brian's huge metal bumper, there was no damage at all to his Jeep but I guess the other guys car was pretty smashed up. So now we are just waiting to see what insurance says regarding who's fault it is. The other guys insurance called Brian and it sounds like the other guy totally lied to his insurance company about how it happened so we will see what happens.

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bean said...

yay! i'm so hungry now...but i do think it's funny that it's spray cheese with reduced fat wheat thins. that makes it healthy, right?

i miss having you in our group!!!