Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am so excited right now! Heres a little backstory...

WhenI first found out I was pregnant, I couldn't get a doctors appointment until after we got back from Washington, this kinda freaked me out because I didnt want to just tell everyone in Washington if we weren't sure about anything and didnt have a due date yet...

So me being impatient looked in the phone book for a crisis pregnancy center. Because I thought for sure that they would be able to tell me how far along I was. When I called the voice on the line sounded really familiar but I didnt say anything then. I went in later that day and it turned out to be my friend Tiffany who was volunteering there and then I found out that it was a very faith-based place, lots of the material they hand out is put out by Focus on the Family and they really try to get the Gospel to everyone who comes in there.

It was so cool how God worked it out because Tiffany was able to go through all the steps with me and to confirm the pregnancy.

Well today I get a call from the same Pregnancy Center and they have just gotten some ultrasound equipment in and they were wondering if I would let them do one on me. I was like OF COURSE!!!!! I was so excited. So basically I get to be their guinea pig and I get a totally free ultrasound! I am so excited! So it will be February 25th!!! I am hoping that I will be far enough along that we can find out the sex!!!!!

It is so amazing how I could totally see how God had worked it out in the beginning that Tiffany could go through all the beginning stuff with me and now He is still working this little thing to bless me even months down the road. We serve a Great and Mighty God!!!


Joy said...

Wow, that is really cool, Keri! I'm excited for you. What an awesome opportunity. Can't wait to find out if there will be a little Ronk boy or girl. Do you guys have names picked out already?

twooten said...

That is aweseome keri! And I'm also excited because I might be there if your apt. is in the afternoon! I hope you're doing well.

Keri Ronk said...

Its not in the afternoon :(
I had to do it @ 9 am so that Brian could come with me. I am so excited though! Its an amazing opportunity. We are so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Yay! So exciting!!