Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latest update... As everyone is asking for: we are still at the hospital. They never let us leave cause Keri was progressing. So we're in our own room now which is such a blessing. We've had a few visitors which have kept Keri good company. Keri is really feeling the pain and doubting the whole "natural" thing right now. Please pray for her. She is in a lot of pain but I know she will be so happy if she gets through this. This experience is nothing like I could have ever imagined! I love it! I could not be any prouder of my wife! Our preacher just got here so I'll end this here. Please keep us in your prayers. We love you all!


Christy said...

Oh, Keri we are praying for you! I hope things will go quickly from here!

Brian, thanks for updating!

We're so excited for you both!

Terri said...

Thanks for the update! We're playing dominoes at Chelan right now and I check the update between drawings. When we got this last update we stopped and prayed around the table Bob/Brenda/Mom and Dad style. Love you tons! Mom

Unknown said...

We are standing by and watching the blog. Love you both. Dad & Mom Hiegel

Anonymous said...

You're covered in prayer coast to coast! This is such a sweet time and I'm so happy for you three!

Susan Navas

bean said...

Yay!!!! Go Keri, go Keri, go Keri! You can do it! You are totally a natural chick - you are way tough enough! Hang in there!!!! Soon you'll be loving a little outside baby! Yay!