Meet Kenley June Ronk

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2008 at 10:20 am

8 pounds 5 ounces 21" long

She is absolutely beautiful and I'm a very proud father! Keri is still
getting put back together and I'll give an update on her as soon as I
find out. She was a lot more calm in the OR than she was the labor
room. I'm sure she's happy it's over!

I have a ton more pictures on other cameras. Someday you'll get those.

Kenley is very healthy and there are no health problems. Great set of
lungs! Very moody though. Thanks for all your support and prayers.
Please continue to pray for Keri as she recovers. Love you all!


Susan Navas said...

Welcome to a most wonderful family, Kenley June! You are a blessing to many. Can't wait to see you in person! Way to go Keri and Brian! Remember not to stop praying for her now that she's in your arms.
Love, Susan

Bekah said...

YEAH!!!!! Congratulations to you both! She looks perfect! Praying for Keri's speedy recovery!

Christy said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful girl!

Maryn said...

Look at all that hair! Beautiful baby.

Praise the Lord mother and baby are doing well.

We love you guys!

Sandy said...

Wooo Hooooo!!!! So happy for you guys!!

RuthAnn said...

What a beautiful baby!! Take care of your amazing wife, she did a GREAT job!!! Love you guys

Jeremy Martin said...

Congratulations bro! Annie and I are so excited for you guys - we're gonna have to come up and see her once everything's settled down a bit!

CLR said...

Praise the Lord!! She is a beautiful little girl!!

Debbie Anderson(Ronk) said...

Congratulations to you both!! Brian, I hope you will be able to get in a visit to Washington with your beautiful family before the years end. Love to see you both and meet baby Kenley! Keri, take all the time you need to recover....You are a very strong woman! :)
Love to all of you, cousin Debbie (Ronk)

Anonymous said...

Kenley is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you guys! I'm so glad to hear that Keri is doing great, and I can't wait to meet Kenley!