I made a sling!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Since I have this large baby belly and no baby I will let the chair play the part of me and the Marine Corps Build-a-Bear play the part of Kenley. :)
I used the video tutorial that I posted in the last post. It went really quickly, I started at about 10:30pm and finished around 11:30pm. Most of that time was me trying to get the pieces to line up. The flannel kept sticking to the other fabric making it hard to get it all straightened out. I also bought a really cute teal and cream jersey knit stripe that I found in the $1.50 section @ Walmart that I am going to make another one out of. I would also like to make a brown-ish one for days where the black would not go with my outfit. :) The outside fabric is sort of like a paisley black and the inside is a turquoise flannel and it looks alot brighter in the picture than in real life


Terri said...

You are amazing!

Bekah said...

Keri, you are on CRACK! How in the world can you be 9 days from your due date and still be all crafty?! I have never been 9 days from my due date, (Hannah 10 days early, Ben 17 days early, and Phoebe 20 days early) but the last month of pregnancy all I could do was nothing! Kuddos for you!