Going Home!

Monday, December 27, 2010

After what feels like being in the hospital for the entire 8 month pregnancy, we are finally headed home. Keri just got her staples taken out and the paperwork done, so we should be actually driving away in about an hour. We have a cart-full of flowers which is awesome and we're thinking about setting up our own floral shop.

Of course we won't actually be leaving the hospital for good since we'll be back a few times a day to be with Claire. Keri actually tried nursing her twice yesterday and she was sort-of getting it, but not really; Better than Kenley did at first, I think. We asked the nurse how long it would be until Claire would get to go home since everybody asks us and we have no clue. She said they like to tell people that it's around the due date, but actually turns out to be around the 37-38 week, so we're looking at another week or two. In this NICU, they have two family sleeping rooms, so if they are available, Keri and I might sleep there so if Keri is trying to nurse her we won't have to wake up three times a night to drive to the hospital. We'll see.

It's nice to finally see this stage (at least one part of it) ending.

And now what everybody actually checks this blog for: pictures.

So do you see a resemblance?

Here's Claire -

Here's Kenley -


Kelly said...

Yes I see a resemblance, they're both beautiful!
Yay on getting Keri home but our prayers continue for Claire to be home with you.

Jenny said...

That is quite incredible :)They do look just alike! Hooray for going home for Keri, I am so glad to hear that all is getting better each day.

Sandy said...

Twins born 2 years(or so) apart?

Shirley said...

Amazing, that gene thing. God is an awesome designer/creator! So glad Keri is doing so much better. Praying that Claire contiues to improve & you get to take her home soon to join her big sister.