4 years ago today

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today is Brian's 4 year Marine Corps anniversary! I cant believe it was four years ago that he left for bootcamp. I was so devastated, I wrote him like 3 letters a day everyday for that whole 3 months! Yeah, that may have been a little much :)

Here we are 4 years ago today at the place where we dropped him off to go to bootcampAnd here was us yesterday @ the church 4th of July party. My how we have changed. Especially my belly :)
For his anniversary present Brian got an iPhone!! Well thats a lie, it has nothing to do with it being his anniversary. Yesterday we went to watch fireworks with the teens from our church and Brian come home with his shorts pocket being all pink and wet with no iea how it got to be that way. So he threw them in the washing machine right when we got home and he forgot to take his phone out of his pocket. With a baby on the way there is no way for him to be without a phone. So thats what we did today.


Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary Brian!

As for the numbers/letters you saw, that had to do with "claiming my blog" with Technorati. An I deleted it after they did whatever it was that they do.

Emma said...

My my, you've been a busy blogger the last few days!! :)
anyway, tell brian he is going to LOVE his iPhone! Ive decided that once you go Mac, you'll never go back. I've had mine since January.
Well rub your belly for me and hopefully it will be soon! The girl I helped throw the baby shower for is due the 15th so we keep hoping to get the "baby text" anyday now too! I can't wait to see pics of Kenley on the OUTSIDE on your blog! :)