Crazy Keri

Friday, July 31, 2009

You know, most people right after surgery just want to sleep and moan
and groan; what does Keri want to do? Crafts, of course!

She wanted to make sure that we got some pottery painted with Kenley's
footprints on her first day, so there we were, late last night, me
holding Kenley and Keri painting her feet all up.

(There's a footprint on the bottom of that shoe)

I'm sure you'll get the post with the finished product once Keri takes
back over her blog.


Maryn said...

Goodness me...first day crafts. That will be a memory.

Praise the Lord for the health and recovery of both!

Unknown said...

I am SO PROUD of you guys! So sorry I can't be there to congratulate you in person.

I'll keep all 3 of you in my prayers. Please tell Keri that I was so encouraged by reading your blog posts, and that I'm continuing to pray for her each day!

Love you all!!

Emma said...

Sounds like Keri! How sweet! And again, congrats. She's beautiful!