If you didn't think I was crazy before.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We're having a lazy Sunday afternoon over here. Brian was at Starbucks writing a paper so the girlies and I were left to our own devices for dinner. That meant leftovers and my newest favorite creation... Almond Butter and Jelly Lettuce Wraps!


... Did I lose you on the lettuce part? It's actually really yummy!

I love making homemade almond butter with my soaked and dehydrated almonds. I used to always eat almond butter on toast or bananas but since I am allergic to wheat and bananas I have had to get a little creative! The jelly on these wraps was also amazing because it was made by my friend Chloe's aunt! I still remember eating this jelly as a kid when I would spend the night at Chloe's house! 

Kenley actually ate 3 wraps and declared while nodding her head "Mmm, Yeah I like dis." 

I'll call that a win! 

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