Friday, August 7, 2009

Well I am home right now, and I thought I'd give somewhat of an update because I can type on the computer and it's a lot faster than on my phone. But I was driving home and hit was really hitting me how blessed Keri and I are with our wonderful friends. I know I joke a lot about hating North Carolina, but it is absurdly (best word I could think of) obvious why God sent us to this miserable state. Because while the state itself is horrible, it holds some of the most amazing, Godly people we could ever meet.

The Paynes - I know I've thanked them over and over, but they totally deserve it. Without complaint, and probably with too much excitement, they have made this whole ordeal SO much easier on us. From just visiting with us and sitting with Keri to letting Kenley stay over with them while mamma heals, to driving all the way to Havelock to pick up our dogs and take them to the groomer, AS WELL as letting them stay at the house. Shall I continue? I get home today and find all our laundry folded? Seriously??? I don't know for sure it was them, but they are the only people with a key to our house, so I can only assume. Thank you, Payne family, from the bottom of my heart.

The Goodfellows (including Bro. Good Garyfellow :) - You have been so kind in bringing us food and just being there whenever we needed you. Melissa came by to "visit" tonight, and just happened to pack an overnight bag in case she needed to stay with Keri while I got some sleep at home. Also, thanks for all the food you've brought me. Thanks for keeping my tummy full while they drain Keri's tummy.

The Coghills - You've been so supportive with your visits and your phone calls and those Sonic slushie runs for us. I am proud to have you as my pastor. (Doesn't make me a free will baptist thought :) Love you guys a ton!

Mrs. Billie Woolard - Thanks for your visits and your genuine concern for Keri. You also know what else you did and it was definitely not called for, but thank you!

Friedleins - We were honored to have you drive down for Kenley's birth. Sorry you couldn't stay longer and I hope Jim's school is starting off well. I'll always remember those few hours spent listening to Preacher's version of "This Is The Day," other "trumpet" sounds, and taking pictures (Too bad that lady ruined all those good ones, huh?)

Susan Navas - Definitely the winner for "Most Unexpected." I still can't believe you drove all that way for such a short time seeing Kenley, but it was such a privilege to have you there and hope you get to come back down when my parents are in town.

All those who brought us meals- This was so great and took such a load off of Keri's shoulder, because you know there's no way that I would be making full meals like that. Lucky Charms only tastes good for so long.

The prayer warriors - I know you're out there. Completely behind the scenes and we may never know who you are, but your contribution has had a lasting effect on this whole situation. Please do not think you are going unnoticed. I may never know who you are, but someone much greater that I am does, and you will get your rewards!

Those who came and visited us at the hospital - Now I won't limit this to just the people that actually came, because Gary told me that he had to strictly forbid people to show up so we could get our rest. We know you're out there, but since I only have the names of those that didn't listen to Gary (Just kidding...), thank you to Amelia and Lucille Stewart, Sandy Klingenstein, Melissa Mcarthy, Christy Steel (nice to finally meet you), and of course all those that I had mentioned earlier.

Everyone else who reads this blog - Just to show your care and concern is so encouraging for us. All the comments and words of encouragement have meant so much to Keri and I.

The parents - We know you're dying to get here! Just a few more days!

The two mystery men that came and mowed our lawn today - Don't think you'll get away with it.

And last but not least, she doesn't even read this blog, but was one of the most encouraging, sweetest people to my wife, and we didn't even know her. Our nurse during labor and delivery's name was Jessica Ipock (I hope I spelled that right). She was the nurse when Keri first started into serious labor and was in the room with us most of the night. At approximately 3 in the morning, the oncoming nurse came in and said that Jessica had to clock out from her shift. Her words were "That's fine, but I'm staying with Keri." She didn't leave until Keri left for surgery around 9 a.m., about six hours AFTER her shift ended, just cause she knew Keri needed her there. But it doesn't end there, the next night at the beginning of the shift she came in to check on Keri and see how she and the baby were doing. Then, once we got back to the hospital for this last visit, she recognized me and found out what was wrong with Keri and went in to see her to encourage her. TODAY, she came in on her shift with a "Get Well" card for Keri with her personal number on it to call her if she needed anything. It sent Keri to tears and it was such a great thing for Keri in the middle of this ordeal.

I realize that list was long (I feel like I'm at the Academy Awards except for the fact that I'm ACTUALLY grateful), but the list could be so much longer.

Alright, maybe I'm starting to ramble. I'll give a quick update on Keri as of when I left the hospital 2 hours ago. Nothing MAJOR has really changed, just slowly and progressively getting better. She's starting to clear a lot of that blockage out, and her stomach is starting to feel "softer." Her nausea has cleared up a lot and she's somewhat moving around by herself now. Still a LONG way to go.

Alright, now I'm done. I'm still overwhelmed by everyone's generosity, love, and encouragement. You have been such a blessing to us and we love you all! I'll update again when I get back to the hospital and know more.

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