Nasal tube... Yummy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I just had to watch Keri have a 3 foot long tube stuck down her nostril. She had vomited a few times and this was the doctors way of clearing that up. It took them two tries which had Keri in tears and I don't think there's much more for them to drain out cause she pretty much threw up all she had. I thought about making it as graphic as possible so all you queezy people could feel some of her pain, but I think that all the bile she got rid of really helped remove some of the pressureand should make it so she doesn't puke anymore. She's got tubes coming out of everywhere and I think and hope that they're doing something to relieve SOME of the pain or pressure, but it's still nowhere near feeling good. I hate seeing my wife in this condition! They also have antibiotics running through her IV which will hopefully help take care of that infection.

Once again, when we look at the bigger picture, this all stemmed from one event: the birth of Kenley, and while this is just me talking cause I'm not in keri's pain, but I know she would agree that it is 100% worth it!

Well, as I was typing this up, Keri puked again, the nurses came inane pulled that tube out a little bit cause they thought they might have it in too far, and when they did, you could see it start to flow a lot better (gross, I know). Hopefully that will make her feel a tad bit better. Any relief from anything would be a plus.

As always, please continue praying.

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KMom said...

Yes Brian, The Lord must have something good planned for Kenley to make her entrance such and event! Love and Prayers!!! Thank you so much for your strength!!!