Back to Reality

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well Fred and Terri leave this morning, Mom and Kimbe left Wednesday, and Brian is back at work today. It was really sad to see all of them go but I am excited that now we can get on some kind of a routine and bring some "normal" back to our lives. Here are a few pictures taken this past week...

This past week Brian also became Color Sergeant. He has been in the Color Guard for awhile and now he is in charge of his group. Its not a promotion but its great because it looks really good on his Marine Corps record. His first ceremony thingy that he got to be in charge of was Friday on base so Fred, Terri, Kenley and I went [technically I nursed Kenley in the car the whole time, but we were there :) ]


KaitlynRae said...

I'm glad you had family around to help you out. I'm sure that made things nice. I can understand wanting to get to a routine though!
I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. I would have loved to photograph you and your precious baby girl! Hopefully you will find someone local!

Maryn said...

Still here and reading. I am sure the mixed emotions are what I will be feeling after our rush of visitors this fall. Thankful for the visit, but ready to get to routine.

Thanks for posting more pics. I love seeing your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. I found out Saturday when talking to your mom, you went to school with my cousin Kasey Lee. She is due to have her 2nd baby any time. Christina