Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alright. Here's the next update: Keri is absolutely miserable right now and I think she'd rather be back in labor right now. The doc came in about a half hour after her CT scan was done and said (in a much more medically proficient vocabulary way) that Keri had a uterus infection which was causing her bowels to be backed up with air and "stuff." they're doing some procedure right now that I can't remember thename of that is suppose to clear that up and take most of the pain away, then all they would have to focus on is the infection. Keri just really wants the pain to be gone. I don't know if unbearable is a strong enough word for it.

It's moments like this that I realize my true place as a husband. I can do everything in my power to help my wife, but it is nothing without the Lord's leading and guiding. It's so hard for me to just let go, but when I sit back and look at the bigger picture, our great God can do so much more for her than I could dream of doing. Please continue to pray to the same gracious God that continues to bless us in so many ways. Hopefully this will be over soon...


KMom said...

You are so awesome!!!

bean said...

Oh, I hope they can give her some relief!! Recovering from the c-section was painful enough, I can't imagine having an infection on top of it. :(

We are praying! You are being a great hubby, Brian!