Our hopes are up

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This morning while I went to the Paynes to pick Kenley up, the doc came in to talk with Keri. I get a text from her saying that doc said they might clamp her nose hose, but she would have to have it clamped for 24 hours before they would completely take it out, plus she wouldn't be able to ear until the tube was out. Keri got very discouraged, however, by the time I got back, they had already clamped the tube. That was probably around 9:30. Then, the doctor that we normally see came in and said that we could possibly have it out by 6:00 tonight, as long as everything is going well. We're just suppose to walk a lot today andthe doc said he wants everything to get "back to normal" as fast as possible. I feel horrible when I bring food into the room all the time when Keri can't eat anything.

Just pray that Keri loses the nose hose!


Sandy said...

We will pray for Keri to lose the nose hose!!:)

Unknown said...

Please Lord. lose the nose hose.GT