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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sorry I know... I know... another post lacking pictures.

Fred, Terri, Mom, and Kimbe all just left for the time share and Kenley is napping but I promise to take more pictures tonight when they get back and post them asap!

We went on a little shopping trip today to get a dress for Kenley to wear to church tomorrow. It felt so good to get dressed in somewhat normal clothes and get some sunshine and fresh air! Before we left I decided to try one more time to get my ring on and guess what... IT FITS!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Its still a bit tight but I love that I can wear it again!

Kenley needed a new dress for tomorrow because tomorrow is Baby Dedication at church during the 11:00 Am service! So if you are local we would love to have you there! Its Pleasant Acres Church @ 2911 Old Cherry Point Road in New Bern.

Baby Dedication is basically a little ceremony where Brian and I vow to raise Kenley as unto the LORD. It has nothing to do with her salvation. I am so excited that her first church service is also the service that she gets dedicated to the LORD!

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Anonymous said...

I think that is totally awesome! I pray God's guidance for the two of you as parants. I still need God's guidance with my 3 teens. I wish you the best. Christina