Great News!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Keri is officially unhooked from everything. She got the IV taken out earlier this morning. So then the next big question was how Kenley was going to handle breastfeeding again, but she got on it right away, even better than before this last hospital visit, so praise the Lord for that! I have a GREAT story about my mother that I'll explain in detail later, i'll just say that she's literally traveling the country to see her granddaughter!


Anonymous said...

yay! Keri, I can't believe what you've been going through, I've been following Brian's every word on your blog, and just praying for a speedy recovery for you! I'm sooo glad that you're doing better and back with Kenley, and you are a very lucky lady to have Brian as such a strong supporter through everything! Love you!


CLR said...

Yay about the breastfeeding. I was curious if that was going to be possible considering what you've gone through! Praise the Lord, I know from your previous entries how important this is to you. We'll keep the prayers flowing from CA.

Joan Dabrowski said...

I heard about your mom's "travels" from Amy. I laughed my head off!!! I could just picture your mom talking to someone and just getting on the plane with them, lol!!!
Praising God with you for His loving care of your little family.