Good News!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yay! About 20 minutes ago, Keri just got back from a 50 yard walk down the hall and back. She had tried to walk earlier this afternoon, but started to feel sweaty and turned really pale, so we postponed it. She did great on her walk and she's doing really well right now. She's talking now, even though she still has the tube down her nose, maybe just because her friends from the Accidental Artist are here. We've had quite a few visitors here today which has been nice. Our goal is to have the tube out by early tomorrow, if not sooner. That alone would make Keri feel 100 times better. They did take the catheter out this morning, so that's a plus, except now I have to help her get up to the bathroom a lot more. Did I say HAVE to? I meant GET to.


Bekah said...

Brian, you crack me up! It is nice having you on here. Great news that she is doing better. Tell her to keep on resting and let her body heal!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian & Keri:
I have been praying for you guys. I have been there and know the pain. And the fact that the NG tube is really a pain!!! I am praying that Keri will be able to successful journey through the next trial-eating and eliminating-that means FREEDOM from the hospital.
Love you guys!!! Brenda

Susan said...

50 yard walk today, triathalon with Terri next year! Go get 'em!

CLR said...

Oh guys, I am so sad to hear of Keri's condition right now. praise the Lord that she is better and that you took her to the Doc when you did. we'll be praying for you guys here in Cali. God Bless you Ronk's!!