Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm not sure how many of you are still following this, but trust me,
the fun has just begun!

I was telling Keri earlier that I don't think I knew the extremes of
parenting. Now if you don't know what I mean by that, I'll explain. On
one side, I knew that I was going to lose some sleep and be grossed
out by diapers and get frustrates with non-stop crying, but wow! Last
night was filled with crying, crying, and some more crying. I'd get to
sleep 20 minutes here and 30 minutes there. I thought that babies
slept at least a LITTLE bit during the night. In reality, the diapers
and crying during the day don't bother me THAT much.

On the flip side of that extreme topic I was speaking of earlier is
the joy of having a child. No woman has been able to melt my heart in
as little as 3 and 1/2 days, and it didn't even take that long for
Kenley to do just that. Even if she's fussy or crying, she's still a
gorgeous child and I'm proud to be her father.

Keri is doing great too. Healing is taking it's time, but Keri is able
to get up on her own now. She even wanted to go for a walk today, but
it was raining. She's very patient with Kenley and me, while I
sometimes manage to sleep right through Kenley's crying. I'm so proud
of her and all her accomplishments. I have definitely been blessed
with a wonderful family.


Terri said...

I DID notice that you posted that last entry at 11:47pm. Welcome to David Letterman.......or is even on these days???? Love you!

Keri Ronk said...

Oh, that's when we first started even THINKING about going to bed.

Christy said...

She is so cute!!! That blanket isn't too bad either though :)

Even though we're like 2,000 miles away I've been thinking about you guys and praying for you a ton. I know these days are tough and that they seem to go on forever. In retrospect they pass so quickly.

Keep up the good work guys. Your posts are so encouraging. Thanks, it's a joy to read what's going on in the Ronk household!