Kenley's Weight

Friday, January 29, 2010

The visiting nurse came by today. Kenley weighed in at 11lbs 10oz which is 2 ounces less than what she weighed on Monday. I am not really sure why she is losing weight, I feed her all the time. We have gone from a 3 hour schedule to a weird sort 2 hour schedule/ on demand feeding thing. It is really wearing me out. We have her 6 month doctor appointment on Monday so we will see what they say then.

Lately when I get the camera out and tell her to smile for the camera she totally does! Hopefully you can see it through the pacis!

Here she is smiling while modeling her new fancy paci clip
Here she is chilling on Daddy's lap. She always get so frustrated during tummy time on the floor but for some reason she is totally content to lay like this on his lap.


KMom said...

Cute pictures and I can see her hair has grown too. Maybe once she starts solids she will put some ounces on. ha ha, ounces instead of pounds at this stage :)I sent you a box, you should get it monday :) She still looks like such a happy healthy baby. Miss you guys X O

rjvanderbeken said...

I agree she does look like a very healthy and very happy baby. I went through the same thing with A (7 1/2 very short years ago). At 6 months we put some of that wonderful Earth's Best rice cereal in a bottle with breast milk and poked bigger holes in the bottle nipple. She loved it! Also, soon you can begin the fun adventure of making homemade baby food. Take care! jen vanderbeken