Claire's 1st Birthday Party!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Claire's first birthday was a success! We went with a Hot Cocoa theme since it is wintery and not too Christmasy!

I ordered these super cute invitations off of Etsy
The Set-up. I saw a picture on pinterest where they had made a ribbon rod for behind the cake and I loved it! I just took a dowel and looped a bunch of .79cent a spool ribbon around it!

I made a 12 layer Hot Chocolate Mug Cake! I doubled the recipe for The Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake. I used 1 cup of batter per round cake pan and baked each pan (3 at a time) for 11 minutes at 350 degrees. I frosted the cake with Meg's frosting and left a bit on top un-frosted to be "the cocoa" and placed a big dollop of frosting in the middle and stuck a bunch of marshmallows to it! The handle is actually cardboard from a Saltines box that I cut to size and frosted!
The Birthday Girl with Gramma and Grandpa Ronk

Claire didn't want anything to do with her cake. That is pretty typical for Claire though, if it isn't bananas, sweet potatoes, coconut water, or kamut puffs, she just isn't that interested.

Claire's Cake was a healthy little dairy free cake that I think is perfect for a first birthday smash cake! I will post the recipe tomorrow!
Leaning tower of cake! This cake was so delicious! I had to send all of the leftovers to work with Fred so that I wouldn't eat ginormous portions of it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Now I wish I had some leftover cake :)

Claire with GG
Papa Bob and Granny Brenda
This is what happens when we try to get pictures of Ronk kids and Carruthers kids together...

Skype partying with our Goodfellows!

Grammy and Gramma

At the end of the night we had one tired out blessed little 1 year old!
After party music with Kenley and James!
Thank you to everyone who came to Claire's birthday party! I know it isn't easy having another party to go to right before Christmas so it really means the world to me that people came!

Brian posted the slide show he made of Claire's first year on youtube! Check it out! Beware... there are nose hose pictures :)


KMom said...

Awe! LOVE!! :)
you did a great job on her party!

Goodfellows said...

Thank you for letting us join in! We love that little one year old! The slideshow was a tear jerker for sure!! It's unbelievable to think what you guys were going through a year ago. So thankful for the good health of you both! Love love love the cake! Awesome job!

Sonja said...

You are so amazing and inspiring!!

Jenny said...

*LOVE* Happy 1st Birthday Claire!
Love, The Friedleins