Decking the Halls

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have been so excited to be able to decorate for Christmas this year! Last year I had a lot planned for Christmas but all of those plans were thrown out the window when I went into the hospital and had Claire 5 weeks early!

Did you know that I really don't care for the color red? I know, its weird. At Christmas though, red is totally acceptable. And I actually really like how red and aqua look together so that is the color scheme I decided to with our decor this year!

Our Tree:
{Special thanks to the Pearce's for giving us this tree! It is awesome and it fits inside our house perfectly!}

I have made approximately 42 glittered ornaments this year following this method that I found via Pinterest.
Turquoise Martha Stewart Glitter

I love how they look and I might have to go buy more clear ornaments so that I can make more just because I love how pretty and sparkly they are!
Garnet Martha Stewart Glitter
The Kitchen:

I keep telling everyone who will listen to me about my "brilliant" "funny" "quirky" theme this year. I get blank stares back in reply when I tell people that my theme this year is Red, Aqua, and White Elephant.

White Elephant? Yep. White Elephant.
Ya know because around Christmas there is always White Elephant gift exchanges! Apparently, I am the only one who gets it :)

I found 2 elephants at Value Village and gave them the glossy white spray paint treatment!

White Elephant Number 1

White Elephant Number 2
Number 2 is actually a planter so I planted a little succulent in him!
Also on one of the kitchen shelves I framed this Christmas Printable from eighteen25. They have lots of cute printables over there!
The living room:

I love displaying the Christmas cards that we have received! Kenley points to Gracen's picture everyday and tells me that it's Gracen!
{I did not get my act together and order Christmas cards in time this year... Maybe I will send out Valentines cards?}

The girls room:

I made this little garland out of ornaments from the Target Dollar Section!
Kenley loves rearranging the little window cling snowflakes! When I was little I remember having a white nativity window cling set. Next year I want to track one down for the girls!

Also in the girls room is the white ceramic tree that Kimberly and I used to take turns getting to have in our rooms at Christmas time. I love that tree so much, it is probably one of my most favorite Christmas memories. I used to stay up rearranging the colors of the lights. I love it and intend on stealing it from my mom when we move away! :)

Glittered letters on the girls door:
Hanging in the hallway is a gold berry pick wreath I made the other day that was inspired by this wreath from Bower Power. I just wrapped a bunch of gold berry picks around a grapevine wreath with some thin wire. The pictures don't do it justice! It is so pretty in person!
And finally the bathroom:
The ornament swag that I made back in 2009 and has been used over our North Carolina kitchen window, our Washington kitchen window, and now our Washington bathroom window!

I hope you enjoyed our little holiday home tour! I'm linking up to the Dare to DIY party over at Newlywoodwards!

So what do you think.. Do you "get" the white elephant theme? I can honestly say that I love it and it is something that I have never seen done before!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love it all! I'm seriously smitten with the aqua and red decorations on the tree. Just too cute and festive! Love that color combination.

Barbara said...

haha i loveeee the white elephants! that is SUCH a cute idea and I totally got it before you explained! you're awesome!

Amy said...

You married into the right family... My dad would get a kick out of the white elephants. Ha ha, I dig them too. Great decorations!

Christy said...

#1- I hate red too, except at Christmas.

#2- Be careful with those gel clings. We found out last year that they stain wood furniture :(

#3- I totally got the white elephant thing. Super cute!

Jenny said...

I too love your white elephant theme! Super cute idea and it looks great!

Sonja said...

I think you should bring 1 of the white elephants to the party tonight, even if it just sits there and you don't give it away. You are too funny!

Kimberly Hiegel said...

okay now. hold up.
i dont care how old we are.
we are still taking turns with that tree every year.
you're just lucky I won't have a house of my own till I'm out of college!! (:

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

I love those glittery ornaments, I may have to try doing this next year =)