Mom and I's Date Night!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mom and I went to Thrive's Dehydrating 101 class a few weeks ago.

The class was held at the Whole Foods Community Kitchen so we started the night off with Whole Foods salad bar since it is so talked up on food blogs.....
It was super expensive and not very good.... What's the deal Food Bloggers? Why is everyone obsessed with the Whole Foods salad bar?

The class was actually super boring. The "instructor" just wasn't very good. I actually felt like I was more knowledgeable about the topic than her. We probably should have gone to a Dehydrating 201 or 301 class instead.

Mom started playing Words with Friends to pass the time :)
Luckily for me, the "course packet" included a recipe for Onion Cashew Cream! It is one of my favorite things from Thrive so I can't wait to make a big batch and use it to make Onion Cashew Cream Kale Chips!!
I can't wait for another Mom and Daughter date!

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