Glittery Letters

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last year Auntie Kimbe bought the girls these cute cardboard hanging letters from The Land of Nod. I really liked the shape of the letters but I wasn't crazy about the way that the patterns looked together.
On a whim I picked up this Krylon Glitter Blast and I love how well it worked!
First I sprayed my letters with a little bit of white spray paint just in case there were any spots left after I glittered the letters. Then I applied 3 coats of the spray glitter... and voila super cute glittery letters!
I love how the look hanging on the outside of the girls bedroom door!

Here is a little trick for how to hang things on doors without a hook, use a thumb tack! Hammer the tack into the top of the door and you are good to go!!

I'm linking to the Dare to DIY party over at Newlywoodwards!

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Emma said...

So cute!!!! Glitter isn't boyish but it'll definitely do for Kylee!