Christmas Festivities

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 was so wonderful. I wish I had more photos to show for it! Brian and I stayed up way to late on Christmas Eve getting everything ready for the girls! It was totally worth it though!

Brian and I started a fun new Christmas Eve tradition for ourselves where after we get everything ready for Christmas morning we open our presents to each other. It was such a sweet time for Brian and I to be alone during all the Christmas craziness. He totally rocked my Christmas presents too!

Since we had Church on Christmas morning, we all woke up very early to let the girls open their presents. I kept joking that we were having "Big Plastic Christmas" this year. We got a climber slide thing off of craigslist, another climber slide thing for free off of craigslist, a pink plastic vanity from a consignment shop, and a cozy coupe the day before Christmas at Value Village for $8! I didn't intend for it to be "Big Plastic Christmas" but I am a sucker for good deals!

I picked up the pink vanity because I thought it would go great with the play make-up that I made for Kenley. She LOVES playing "make-ups". I would say that it is definitely her favorite present!
Sleepy sleepy Claire
The only non blurry picture of Kenley...
After presents we got ready and headed to Church! The girls had runny noses so they sat with us rather than being in the nursery. Kenley was a bit wiggly but overall they both did great!

After Church we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Ford's house for Christmas dinner then after that we headed to Gramma and Grandpa Ronk's house to open presents and have treats with the Carruthers and Kerrs.

It was a long day and the girls were totally spoiled! Next year I want to focus more on Advent and the birth of Christ with the girls since Kenley will definitely be able to understand more next year. I can't wait for next year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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