November Goals Recap

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November was a great month! I am very happy with how successful my goals were!

November Goals

- Read the book of 1 Timothy everyday
- Go to the Children's museum
- Go to at least 5 group fitness classes. I love Turbo Kick and Spin Class! I sort of like Zumba too, even if its just because I get to laugh at how uncoordinated I am!
- Move Feisty's pen every other day FAIL... But now that it is just Feisty, the pen doesn't really need to be moved every other day.
- Read a book- I did read a book! BUT I didn't read Midwives because it was a different book than I thought it was. Midwives was way too graphic especially for someone who has had c-sections and will likely have them again in the future.
- Only keep 1 glass of water on my night stand.... Woohooo! Brian is happy about this one.
- Keep cleaning juicer after using it
- Keep making the bed
- Run my first 5k!!! November 18th!! YAY! I am ready for another! Read about my 5k here!
- A load of laundry every day- This goal has been the best! I can't believe how nice it is to be caught up on laundry all the time!

{Weekends don't count on anything except Bible reading!}

December Goals

- Read the book of 2 Timothy every day
- Only keep 1 water glass on nightstand
- Keep making the bed
- A load of laundry everyday except Sunday
- Keep cleaning the juicer after I use it
- Go to the Children's Museum
- Have Claire's birthday invites sent out by December 5th
- Throw an awesome 1st birthday party for sweet Claire
- Celebrate Brian's 25th birthday!
- Be mindful about the meaning of Christmas
- 10 man-style push-ups a day...
- Clean Kenley's ball pit and outdoor toys.... Most have been sitting outside since the summer

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Emily said...

You can totally accomplish the push-ups :]