Kenley's Make-ups!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I made Kenley 3 eye shadows by popping the real eyeshadow out of some .97cent eyeshadow containers and pouring dollar store nail polish in and letting it dry. The nail polish took much longer to dry than I anticipated! If you plan on doing this definitely give it at least a week or two to dry.

I tried using nail polish to make the foundation too but it never dried. I was telling Barbara about my dilemma and she suggested I use felt! GENIUS!!! If I would have thought of that sooner I probably would have used colored felt for the eye shadows too!
I bought Kenley a make-up bag that is just like mine but in a different pattern and rounded out her make-up set with make-up brushes from the dollar store!
I am so happy with how this all turned out and even happier that Kenley loves it so much! Homemade presents rule!!

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Emma said...

LOVE!!!! I'll be making this in a few years! :)